Software Engineer - III

Jul 2022 - Present

  • Customized themes for multiple brands to maintain a consistent aesthetic.

  • Improved performance through efficient dynamic loading and server-side rendering, reducing bundle size by 26% and improving Lighthouse scores.

  • Conducted code reviews to maintain project quality and code standards.

  • Led three tracks under the project with a team of up to six developers, working closely with clients, the tech lead, and QA to deliver successful project outcomes.

Software Engineer - I

Jul 2021 - Present

  • Developed UI components for web and mobile apps using Figma mockups and variant configurations.

  • Improved component performance through memoization and optimized loading using dynamic imports.

  • Achieved rapid career advancement from SE-1 to SE-3 within a year, showcasing exceptional performance and expertise.

  • Took on interim leadership role and successfully led the team and project in the absence of the designated tech lead.