Hi, I am open to new collaboration opportunities. Know about me & my work here and reach me via mail or below socials.

I'm Shubham Verma, an engineer, learner and builder.
Senior Software Engineer - I at GeekyAnts

React Outline for VSCode

A simple extension that enables symbols and outlines for a React files!

X - A Cli Bookmarks Manager in Go

Bookmarks managers written in Go, that is local first.

Rate Limiter using Go and Redis

Built a simple rate limiter using sliding window counter and fixed bucket algorithms

Browser Extension to Remove Youtube Shorts

Browser Extension to Remove Youtube Shorts

Rehype Image Resize

This is a rehype plugin that allows you to resize images in markdown files like Obsidian.

Search NativeBase Documentation

A Raycast extension that let's you search Naitvebase documentation.

Feedly extension for Raycast

Browse Feedly through Raycast


URL Shortner using Vercel Redirects

Raindrop extension for Raycast

Browse Raindrop bookmarks through Raycast