Hey, I am Shubham Verma!

Software Engineer at GeekyAnts

I like to build open source tools and write articles.

Shubham Verma

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Setup Tailwind CSS with Turborepo!

20/2/20221280 views

In this article, I’ll show you how to setup Tailwind CSS with your Turborepo.

Creating Dynamic Open Graph images for your blogs!

11/5/2022201 views

Automate that shit of creating the images!

Authentication and Protected Routes using Remix + Auth0 + Prisma

12/7/2022164 views

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Featured Projects

Search NativeBase Documentation - An extension for Raycast

A Raycast extension that let's you search Naitvebase documentation.

React Outline for VSCode

A simple extension that enables symbols and outlines for a React files!