Hi, I am open to new collaboration opportunities. Know about me & my work here and reach me via mail or below socials.

I'm Shubham Verma, an engineer, learner and builder.
Senior Software Engineer - I at GeekyAnts

As a software engineer, I'm passionate about creating beautiful products. In my downtime, I love constructing projects and exploring the latest in tech.

I've honed my skills in building performant, scalable web apps using tools like Next.js, Svelte-kit, Typescript and their ecosystem. I'm also well-versed in full-stack development with Node, Express, and both SQL and NoSQL databases. For more details, feel free to check out my resume.

Currently, I'm diving into exciting areas like Go, Framer Motion, and Generative AI.

I'm always open to working on intriguing projects. If you've got something in mind, let's chat.