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I'm Shubham Verma, an engineer, learner and builder.
Senior Software Engineer - I at GeekyAnts

I tried to build a rate-limiter using Go and Redis

21/3/202451 views8 min read

building a simple rate limiting using go and redis.

Build literally anything

6/3/2024280 views3 min read

Raw thoughts on building side projects

My Software Journey in 2024

17/1/2024254 views8 min read

predictions for my software journey in 2024

My Tech Progress

2/2/2023293 views1 min read

This is a pretty raw blog for me to keep on referencing and reflecting on from time to time.

Resizing Images in Markdown and using it in Next.JS with Image Component.

11/9/2022256 views1 min read

Server Side Rendering of Tailwind CSS styles in NextJS

11/8/20226.4K views2 min read

Authentication and Protected Routes using Remix + Auth0 + Prisma

12/7/20221.8K views9 min read

Creating Dynamic Open Graph images for your blogs!

11/5/2022648 views7 min read

Automate that shit of creating the images!

Let's add a Command Palette on our website

2/4/2022250 views5 min read

Add a raycast style command palette to your website

Setup Tailwind CSS with Turborepo!

20/2/202214K views3 min read

In this article, I’ll show you how to setup Tailwind CSS with your Turborepo.

Enable outlines and symbols support for React in VSCode!

3/12/2021184 views1 min read

This is a simple extension that shows the symbols and outlines for a React file.

Write Markdown In NextJS

28/6/2021138 views2 min read

MDX is awesome!

Let's Polyfill - map(), filter() and reduce()

17/5/2021105 views5 min read

The hello world of Polyfills

Search a User's Hashnode blogs right from your VSCode!


Implement Protected Routes in NextJS!

20/1/20212.1K views4 min read

Protecting Routes from unauthenticated users is a crucial part of any app